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Delhi is the heart of India where delhi-6 is heartbeat of the same. Since many decades delhi-6 area is symbol of old world Delhi and all its charm is known for its taste in all kinds of recipes and beverages and as the name says in itself delhi-6 beer is having an extraordinary and best in class taste with unbeatable quality in it.

Our history is simple yet rich!

One of our founders got his idea and inspiration while living in Canada. When in Canada he visited Quebec quite often because of its old world heritage, culture and all the dining and culinary legacy. There he came across several brewing facilities where he noticed one thing common in all of them. He observed that water is among the most important ingredients of beer. Thus, he concluded that if a brewing facility has access to spring water, the quality of beer is likely to be good and consistent. When he visited India, he identified a high-altitude place that had the perfect temperature for brewing beer, in addition to access to spring water. Thus, the concept of delhi-6 took its form.

Accessories By Delhi-6 Beer

Always on the look-out for new things, we came across an idea of beer brand and it was not just the name, but the story behind it as well, that caught attention. delhi-6, a beer brand, made its crafted,concealed and debuted in Delhi.

Made with pure Spring water directly from Himalayas, it is brewed and bottled in Bhutan and has the goodness of the purest malts and hops. Currently pouring just one variant, delhi-6 Premium Super Strong, is a rich, golden colour beer with medium caramel flavour without any bitterness, punctuated by light citrus notes- something to look forward to for those who look for flavour rather than froth in their beers. delhi-6 is not just another beer brand but it is an experience. It is aromatic and has a different taste to it that you are surely going to like it. So, if you have cravings for a different kind of beer that will remind you of purity, delhi-6 will tick all your boxes. To put in simple words, beer made by us taste special because our energetic team work with passion to ensure we deliver on our promise. So the next time when you sit back in a relaxed frame of mind, make sure you raise your glass for all the hard work that goes into our brewing process!

A smoothed out assembling measure utilizing the most noteworthy evaluation of materials empowers us to make dependable brewing decisions. At VAM, we are proud of our manufacturing processes that are strictly supervised and carefully controlled. Every ingredient that goes into making our beer is inspected and approved by a master brewer and all accredited agencies, and brewery inspections happen regularly at both State and Central levels.

Great food, great beer, live sports, darts and great people!



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    Delhi-6 Beer made with pure Spring water directly from Himalayas, it is brewed and bottled in Bhutan and has the goodness of the purest malts and hops.

      © Vam Distilleries & Beverages 2020 All Rights Reserved

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