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About the Company

At VAM, we don’t only manufacture but also are wholesale distributor of imported and domestic beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and ciders. delhi-6 Premium Super Strong Beer launched with the point of carrying both quality and assortment to the Indian beer market. delhi-6 beer has both the actual limit and the labour to keep on being a chief merchant of fine brews.

Our Purpose and Core Values

Some need to burrow profound to discover their motivation, for us it has consistently been there.

  • We go after Excellence every day.
  • We endeavour to brew better Beer. Beer that remains at the core of minutes that unite individuals.
  • We don’t agree to quick pick up, when we can make a superior tomorrow for us all.
  • Preparing for a BETTER TODAY and TOMORROW
  • Economical Pricing with best in the industry in quality

Our Ambition

Effective by conveying practical natural top and primary concern development; proficient by being the favoured provider of our clients; and attractive by conveying an incentive for our team as well as the investors, representatives and society.

Our Priorities

To accomplish our desire, VAM Focuses on Some Key Priorities:

  1. Strengthen #1 & #2 positions: We influence our solid Beer brands and market positions to drive development.
  2. Position for Development: We drive development in geologies and fragments where we see long haul development openings.
  3. Create a winning culture: We have a winning culture to convey on our decisions.

Great food, great beer, live sports, darts and great people!



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    Delhi-6 Beer made with pure Spring water directly from Himalayas, it is brewed and bottled in Bhutan and has the goodness of the purest malts and hops.

      © Vam Distilleries & Beverages 2020 All Rights Reserved

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